14-Day Sugar Detox T -1

Summer is around the corner and although I look gaaauh-geous in bikini, I strive for better. This four-pack needs to go up a couple notches. Hehe

In addition to getting back on the yoga mat, I’ll make a serious attempt to improve my eating habits. To guide me in the right direction I turned again to Wholesome2Go, an LA meal delivery service. I tried their sugar detox program last year and in spite of my breaking of the core rule – no sugar, I still managed to lose about 7 or 8 lb. You do the math – below is a unpublished post I wrote at that time, with weight loss data.

Trimming down

June 30, 2013

It’s been quite a struggle for months. It hasn’t been the kind of struggle you’d expect though.  It’s been one of those quiet, lazy struggles – mentally wanting to get there, without physically twitching a muscle. They said breastfeeding will work miracles on your postpartum body, and while I do not dispute that, because it’s true that my thighs and arms bounced right back in the first couple of months, I do not encourage anyone to rely on the magic of breastfeeding to melt the pouch away or adjust the love handles. Those bitches need your full attention.
Day in and day out I would look in the mirror missing the old, slim self, but there wasn’t really anything out there pushing me towards acting upon my desires. Until I decided that I would spend my 30th birthday with my family in a tropical location – sipping margaritas, on a white sand beach, at the shade of an old palm tree… in a … bikini. Holly sh#%! I’ve got six weeks to make it down to 129. From 149. Pounds.
The following morning I woke up ready to plan. You can’t achieve something like this without a well-drafted plan. And although “planning” is my favorite method of procrastination, this time it was gonna be different. As it happens, the day before someone had emailed about a free pass for a week of boot camp; perfect timing – emailed the girl, and I was set up to start a week of bootcamp training on the following Monday. I tried it out, and in spite of a couple of near-death experiences and painful embarrassment for holding back the class, or maybe precisely because of these, I realized this was what I needed. I signed up for a 5-week program that had suddenly become my hope and promise that by 7/25 I would lose 17 lb; flatten my stomach; remove the love handles; and tone my thighs. This was my mantra for 5 weeks. I had these goals pinned all over the place – fridge, bathrooms mirrors, baby’s changing table, computer, car.
Ok. It’s been decided, we’ll get moving. That should help. BUT, don’t they say that in losing weight/getting in shape 80% is nutrition?… After a brief meltdown at my own lack of faith in my kitchen ambitions, I started researching meal delivery services. If I can get someone to deliver me a couple of healthy meals a day, I’d come out the winner I said. That should keep me away from Fresh Brothers, Panda Express and… my freezer. Yelp showed me the winner of my trust and order. Wholesome2Go had been crowned the king of meal-plan services; not only that but their 14-day Sugar Cleanse Detox was getting all the accolades. Two days later, on the day I started my bootcamp training, I received my first meals and… kick in the butt. If you are someone who is having a pint of ice cream every single night before bed, and loses herself in a Hershey’s bag whenever the chance arises, you’ll be in serious troubles when refusing to sweeten up that body. It will diss you; it will refuse to listen to you, it will give you the cold shoulder – with shivers, tremors and chills, it will not make it easy to go through the day awake.  Which in retrospect I realize was just what I needed. My body was working against itself – I was soooo weak that even if I wanted I could not have made it to the fridge for that box of ice cream. This lasted for about three days, in which time I sucked it up and did my best surviving on the sugarless meals provided, while taking care of an infant.
Now, mind you, on day four I have already added the daily pint of Coffee Haagendasz to my diet as I was starting to have milk supply issues. In spite of that, my weight loss progressed as follows: day 1 – 149 lb, day 3 – 145.8 lb, day 4 – 144.2, day 5 – 142.4, day 6 – 142.4, day 7 – 142.4, day 12 – 141, day 14 – 140.3.
I’d say pretty darn good for a nursing momma to a four-month old!
My story seems to end abruptly, but that’s only because I lost interest in writing about it, it has nothing to do with the quality of my experience. Hopefully this time around I’ll stay motivated to post daily updates, it will be fun to share this delicious experience with the world.
Ok, here we go!
Ready? Get Set! - Detox Program

Ready? Get Set! – Detox Program


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    • Yeah… The results… Given that I halved the length of this detox, there’ll probably be minimal (if any) changes. But at least my body did get a thorough cleanse this week.

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