Jack-O’-Lanterning the Day Away

It’s quite possible that I will OD on Halloween activities this year. We decorated the house/yard for trick-or-treaters, we’ve had our first trip to the pumpkin patch where we let the little lamb loose, then we went to a different pumpkin patch with a hoard of kids to pick up the perfect pumpkins, went home […]

Twiddling Fingers

There was a lot of finger twiddling involved. We’re talking months. Hubbyloo and I were on the same page about having kids and we covered this topic very early on in our relationship (even before any talks about a serious commitment – neither one of us had time to waste with an incompatible partner); I […]


Two weeks before my son was born I was heavily involved in setting up his nursery. When I say “heavily involved” I mean doing the lifting, the furniture building and placement. If you had seen me from me behind you would not have been able to tell that I was pregnant. You would have wondered […]

Thank You for Your Order!

Since the baby, 80% of the shopping has been done online. It started with items for the nursery, pregnancy and maternity items, then the layette and baby stuff, and more baby stuff. For months we would get at least a couple of packages a week – I do not kid you. At one point, Hubbyloo […]

Horga Had a Little Lamb…

Horga had a little lamb, Whoose fleece was white as snow And everywhere that Horga went The lamb was sure to go. Halloween is right around the corner and we are slowly warming up for the big day. If last weekend we decorated the front yard, placed the order for the trick-or-treaters’ tricks (unfortunately for […]

Pune Nuca Jos, Scrat!

In cele din urma s-a intamplat si asta. Era de asteptat ca se va intampla la un moment dat. Nu se putea altfel. Cu exceptia cazului in care cineva reusea sa dovedeasca lumii ca nu sunt om, ci o masinarie care merge pe benzina, sau, pentru o descriere mai colorata si fictionala, ca organismal meu […]


“It is never too late to be what you might have been.” – George Elliot Part I (before) I want to be what I am not, Yet I tie myself tight to what I am. I’m sunk so deep in my own displeasure, Yet I refuse to reach for the rope. I dream of the […]