Is There Any Room Left for Gratitude in Thanksgiving?

The history of Thanksgiving dates back to antiquity, when the Greeks were honoring Demeter, the goddess of agriculture who was giving mortals plentiful harvests. If we are to transpose the sentiment to today’s world swallowed by consumerism, we’d bring offerings and homage to Gates, the God of computing for making administrative work and wasting time […]

Early Resolutions

If I was to follow tradition I would wait for another month. But I’m getting antsy, I’m all stressed out and restless, so I need to find my focus sooner rather than later. My mind starts playing tricks on me when I’m bored; that’s not to say that I have lots of free time on […]

Keep Calm and Drive Safely

I don’t really recall being worried about the impact a baby would have on one of our passions – traveling. We understood that things would change, the planning and preparation would involve extra steps, the time spent traveling (especially if by car) would increase, we realized that there may additional costs to consider, but we […]

Stuffed Cabbage Leaves

It so happened that the need arose for me to roll up my sleeves and find the kitchen. I feared nothing good would come out of this, so what motivated me was the fact that the whole experience would make for great blog material. Evan and I are part of a weekly parenting class/play group, […]

More or Less?

The biggest challenge and struggle in my life right now is not letting my work mess with my head. I am working full time and although the job in itself would not be that bad, the environment and people make it the wickedest experience. Quite often I ask myself it this all worth it?

Happy Birthday, Mami!

It’s been 9 months since she became gran’ma to the most perfect (yes, most perfect) baby boy who carries her husband’s name. 3 years since she and her husband gave their daughter away in marriage. 10 years since her daughter left the childhood home to find her path and build her life. 30 years since […]


Last week I finally finished reading the first book since Copiloo’s been born. That was quite an accomplishment: 500+ pages in about… five months… Middlesex is a great read, it had been on my list for a few years before I finally picked it up and started reading it. The book did not disappoint

Lonesome Orchid

There are days when we are too busy/tired/moody/out of touch to notice the beauty around us. On days like that, I like to remember something beautiful that I encountered or experienced in the past. For whatever reason, today I remembered our vacation to Hawaii last year and the picture I took one early morning of an […]