Recipeless Chicken Meatballs

So… I’m cooking without a recipe! Yay. Nothing for adults though, just for Copiloo. The thing is, you know that the young ones are the hardest to please. Copiloo’s diet is quite simple and boring – same veggies soup, steamed carrots, zucchinis and broccoli, chicken (in soup or stew accompanied by the same veggies) and […]


Oh, if nothing else, Hubbyloo is definitely funny. 8am, in the kitchen, myself feeding Copiloo, Hubyloo cleaning the kitchen. Copiloo starts showing signs of vomiting (he choked, or it could be the accumulation of mucus as he’s been having a runny nose for a couple of days) and sure enough he gags and throws up.

Christ Is Risen!

I can’t remember the last time I was home (childhood home) for Easter. It’s never been that big of a holiday in our family, not comparable to Christmas anyways. But I do have fond memories of our family’s holiday preparations, my mother and I dying the eggs, the brunch on Easter Sunday at my grandparents’ […]

The Book Thief – A Review

I love books. I can’t remember what came first: the love of books, or the desire to write. Using logic to figure this out doesn’t help when it comes to me. I used to write in my early teens, then I had another attempt in my mid 20s; nothing in between and nothing after. I’ve […]