Unboring My Routine

What is your reaction to the unknown? I like to hang onto the comfort of the known. I frequently tell myself “Why ruin this by trying a different way?” I now realize that I don’t remember myself being any other way. As spontaneous as I was (still am actually – I mean, I was the one who […]

Cat de Protejat Este Copilul Tau in Scaunul Lui Auto?

Din momentul in care am ramas insarcinata nu am incetat sa citesc articole referitoare la sarcina, iar apoi, pe parcursul sarcinii si dupa ce s-a nascut Copiloo, am continuat sa citesc materiale despre ingrijitul nou-nascutilor si educarea copiilor, dorind sa inteleg atat psihologia infantila, dar mai ales masurile necesare pentru prevenirea accidentelor si protejarea copilului meu.

Day #4 – 14-Day Sugar Detox

Today – uneventful. I was too busy watching Copiloo to be tempted to try anything haram. The Florentine Omelet I had this morning was the best breakfast so far. Lunch consisted of a Black Bean and Chicken Salad – quite delish, too, very likely thanks to the avocado dressing. As I think about the snacks […]

14-Day Sugar Detox T -1

Summer is around the corner and although I look gaaauh-geous in bikini, I strive for better. This four-pack needs to go up a couple notches. Hehe In addition to getting back on the yoga mat, I’ll make a serious attempt to improve my eating habits. To guide me in the right direction I turned again to […]