Seven Reasons to Embrace Fall

They say it’s fall. Hard to believe, but indeed the calendar does not lie, we’re well into October now. I’ve only started liking fall over the past few years. Before that, having lived in countries with a four-season climate and a mini-country with one loooooong rainy season interrupted by three sunny summer days (yes, I am talking […]

Therapist Evaluation Form

You’ve finally made up your mind and are looking for a therapist? Good for you. For many, it takes years and years of pros and cons lists, of going back and forth between “I am a disaster, I need some help” and “I am awesome, look at me rocking my life!” I wish therapists were like […]

Challenges Accepted!

Begrudgingly, it’s true, but accepted nonetheless. And… nailed them! The yoga training could not have come at a better time in my life. Less than a month in and I am already pleasantly surprised to see its positive impact on me and my outlook on life. What I’ve been struggling with most in my adult […]