A Yogi on the Run

Two things will transpire from this brief reading you are about to start.

1/ Yoga and other type of physical exercise are not mutually exclusive. And

2/ Whatever your choice of physical or mental workout, always better to do it in the great outdoors.

Over the past couple of weeks weird stuff has been going on with me. Take for instance the need to… run. I hate running. I think it’s the most boring activity out there. And it’s not even a relaxed, droopy eyes, heavy limbs kind of boring. While getting bored out of your skull you actually suffer, you are faced with physical strain, your heart and lung functions are challenged, and more often than not end up with a beat-up ego. Who in the right mind would want to run? Well, me apparently.

In an attempt to multitask, I decided to combine my early morning barefoot walk with a jog, and that’s how I ended up running barefoot along the shores of the Pacific. I must confess, I was not bored. I was most certainly physically and mentally challenged, but I was not bored. When I was not busy giving myself a pep talk along the lines of “Yes, we know you are a quitter, but do you really need to quit now? Why? You’ve started running 55 seconds ago. Keep going. You can do it!”, I would [*gasp*] look around. I would actually use the eyes God gave me for the purpose of observing the world around me. For those of you who do not know me, you should learn that I am the least observant person out there. I could be standing next to Endeavour (the space shuttle, which is huuuuge) and ask for directions to its exhibit area. Opening our eyes, pouring our attention onto the things that surround me, soaking it all in, makes such a difference in the way we experience even the most boring task. The world we live in IS a beautiful place. There are indeed bad and ugly things happening all around us, but underneath it all the beauty of our Earth still shines brightly. We all should learn to look deeper and beyond the dusty and rusty surface our lives may sometimes hide under. Someone once said, “you can change the world by changing the way you see the world.”

My friend, the seal

On my run this morning I made a new friend – The Upward Facing Seal

For the same reason and more, I love teaching yoga outside. On the beach, at the park, at home on the rooftop. Observing the beauty of nature, the life around us, plants, and animals, and people, the immensity of the sky, the brightness and warmth of the sun, has the power to bring you to that space of serenity without much effort on your part. A yoga teacher can guide you through meditation, helping you to visualize the greenery of a forest, the soft touch of sun rays on your skin, the soothing sound of the ocean, in an attempt to bring you to a state of relaxation, but why not let nature do that Herself? Plus, you can’t beat the fresh air of the outdoors! Unless you happen to live next to a factory or plant of some kind that’s known to release crap in the air… in which case, you may be better off indoors.

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Be challenged! Be healed!


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