Apr 30, 2016 | Chef in Training

4/30 #limbutza is getting better and better in the kitchen. Tonight we cooked #schnitzel with mashed potatoes and steamed string beans. He floured the chicken, cut the potatoes, and trimmed the greens. Grateful for #mommaslittlehelper #ahorgasgratitudejournal #100happydays A post shared by Ana Horga (@anahorga) on Apr 30, 2016 at 11:05pm PDT  

Apr 10, 2016 | #bookfest

4/10 It's been quite the weekend. So glad that I finally got to #give. I am happy that I had the opportunity to #volunteer at #latimesfestivalofbooks; I had a ball contributing to this event! On Saturday I was assigned to a book signing booth right next to the booth of @pagesabookstore! I made a personal […]

Apr 6, 2016 | Swim to Me

4/6 This man is #thekidwhisperer #Limbutza is on his 3rd day of swim classes with #swimtome and he loves it! I am grateful for this man's kindness, empathy, skills and whatever else is at work when he teaches kids how to be safe in the water. #learningtoswim #100happydays #ahorgasgratitudejournal A post shared by Ana Horga […]

Apr 2, 2016 | Volunteer

4/2 The youngest #volunteer @latimes #festivalofbooks ! Happy to finally have the opportunity to get back into volunteering and grateful for an easy-going baby who quietly participated in the orientation today. #helpacause #100happydays #ahorgasgratitudejournal A post shared by Ana Horga (@anahorga) on Apr 2, 2016 at 7:37pm PDT  

Mar 30, 2016 | Brotherly Love

3/30 Every day I learn of new levels of joy, and bliss, and love, a range of emotions that would probably deserve a word of their own. And all that just by looking at these mini-humans we created. Beyond grateful. Beyond blessed. #brotherlylove #100happydays #ahorgasgratitudejournal A post shared by Ana Horga (@anahorga) on Mar 30, […]

Mar 29, 2016 | Butterflies

3/29 I won't even wait for the end of the day to share the highlight of our day. It may be childish on my part, but I LOVED seeing our first butterfly in our #livegarden by @insectlore And then #limbutza 's excitement! How can this not be one of the #100happydays ? #metamorphosis #ahorgasgratitudejournal A […]