Confessions of a Yelling Mother

Confessions of a Yelling Mother

I have a confession to make. I am, at times, a yelling mother. I am ridden with guilt for my inability to control my outbursts. You know what’s funny? I hate screamers. Raising your voice at me is a no-no; I cannot tolerate yelling and screaming. Makes it real hard to live with… myself. He was […]

Therapist Evaluation Form

You’ve finally made up your mind and are looking for a therapist? Good for you. For many, it takes years and years of pros and cons lists, of going back and forth between “I am a disaster, I need some help” and “I am awesome, look at me rocking my life!” I wish therapists were like […]

Unboring My Routine

What is your reaction to the unknown? I like to hang onto the comfort of the known. I frequently tell myself “Why ruin this by trying a different way?” I now realize that I don’t remember myself being any other way. As spontaneous as I was (still am actually – I mean, I was the one who […]