Fooled Again

How irritating is this? You successfully breastfeed for 13 months, 29 days and some odd hours, and then, out of the blue, while you’re occupied gloating over your awesomeness, mastitis hits you. First day was horrible. The aching breast was the least of my problems. The fever and chills, fatigue and head aches, those did […]

Copiloo’s 1st Down

I just cannot believe that it has been a year (and a few hours) since I gave birth to an angel. Since that is by far my biggest accomplishment as of yet (and will probably never be surpassed), I wanted to celebrate it in style. And I went big. How big you ask? Well, to […]

When Baby Comes First

Which came first: the chicken or the egg? This may not be the greatest analogy, but I’ve never promised good analogies. I actually haven’t promised anything. So should you find this piece useless at the end of your read, it’s all on you, my friend. Yesterday the solar eclipse of my life happened. I went […]

Keep Calm and Drive Safely

I don’t really recall being worried about the impact a baby would have on one of our passions – traveling. We understood that things would change, the planning and preparation would involve extra steps, the time spent traveling (especially if by car) would increase, we realized that there may additional costs to consider, but we […]

More or Less?

The biggest challenge and struggle in my life right now is not letting my work mess with my head. I am working full time and although the job in itself would not be that bad, the environment and people make it the wickedest experience. Quite often I ask myself it this all worth it?

Happy Birthday, Mami!

It’s been 9 months since she became gran’ma to the most perfect (yes, most perfect) baby boy who carries her husband’s name. 3 years since she and her husband gave their daughter away in marriage. 10 years since her daughter left the childhood home to find her path and build her life. 30 years since […]

Twiddling Fingers

There was a lot of finger twiddling involved. We’re talking months. Hubbyloo and I were on the same page about having kids and we covered this topic very early on in our relationship (even before any talks about a serious commitment – neither one of us had time to waste with an incompatible partner); I […]