Recipeless Chicken Meatballs

So… I’m cooking without a recipe! Yay. Nothing for adults though, just for Copiloo. The thing is, you know that the young ones are the hardest to please. Copiloo’s diet is quite simple and boring – same veggies soup, steamed carrots, zucchinis and broccoli, chicken (in soup or stew accompanied by the same veggies) and […]

Stuffed Cabbage Leaves

It so happened that the need arose for me to roll up my sleeves and find the kitchen. I feared nothing good would come out of this, so what motivated me was the fact that the whole experience would make for great blog material. Evan and I are part of a weekly parenting class/play group, […]

Thank You for Your Order!

Since the baby, 80% of the shopping has been done online. It started with items for the nursery, pregnancy and maternity items, then the layette and baby stuff, and more baby stuff. For months we would get at least a couple of packages a week – I do not kid you. At one point, Hubbyloo […]

Round Chicken Squares

I’m comfortable with my hormonal imbalance right now. It doesn’t bother me as much as it bothers others (read: Hubbyloo). So, the other day I had a surge in my oxytocin levels (this time totally unassisted by Copiloo; I was in fact driving, stuck in the 405 traffic) and I decided to show my husband […]