Seven Reasons to Embrace Fall

They say it’s fall. Hard to believe, but indeed the calendar does not lie, we’re well into October now. I’ve only started liking fall over the past few years. Before that, having lived in countries with a four-season climate and a mini-country with one loooooong rainy season interrupted by three sunny summer days (yes, I am talking […]

Horga’s Wanna-Do List for 2014

I have failed miserably at my early December resolutions, and as a result I didn’t even bother making a new year’s list. At least I was honest with myself and did not try to fool myself into believing there was a point to having a resolutions list that I would forget about the moment I […]

Last Failures of Last Year

Remember my early December goals? I don’t expect you to, since I myself have forgotten about them. Or pretended to have forgotten. Eh, who knows? The fact of the matter is none of those things came to fruition. Not even close. 1)      Cooking? Pfff If memory does not deceive me, I probably cooked breakfast for […]

Early Resolutions

If I was to follow tradition I would wait for another month. But I’m getting antsy, I’m all stressed out and restless, so I need to find my focus sooner rather than later. My mind starts playing tricks on me when I’m bored; that’s not to say that I have lots of free time on […]