I Choose CHANGE {One Little Word}

My little word for 2017 will be the big… CHANGE.

I am rather shaky even as I write it down, because as we all very well know change is not easy. Real change is not comfortable and sure as heck is not a process I am excited to start. What I am looking forward to though, is change, the noun. That new, refreshing, different experience, that brings about peace, joy, and growth.

changeI could benefit from implementing CHANGE in so many areas of my life… In no particular order:

  • Let the kitkats I eat today be the last for a while. Let there be more cut veggies, protein, and healthy dips in the fridge for a quick snack. Let the convenient take-out dinners be replaced by more home-cooked meals in a given week.
  • Let there be more phone calls and written letters. Let there be more outings with friends, actual follow-through plans rather than just empty words on a Facebook thread. Let there be more fun dates with things that excite the heart and bring a smile to my face.
  • Let there be less motherhood guilt-tripping. Let there be trust that I do enough, that I am enough. I choose to find patience and count my blessings in moments of frustration. I choose to be kind with my word and action. I may not have control over my circumstance, but I will change my perspective.
  • Let there be harmony in my marriage. Make a choice. Change my old ways. Follow my heart, follow my head, whichever approach, step into my truth. Change resentment for forgiveness. Choose my husband, change my expectations. Choose my expectation, change my husband (for another one, yes). Let there be clarity and trust in the right decision. Let there be comfort in the change.
  • Speak my truth. Open my heart in front of those I love. Put thoughts and feelings into words. Say “I love you” to those I love. Let change elevate the experiences of love and connectivity.
  • Step into action by helping those in need. Move from feeling saddened and wishing to help to actually lending a hand and making a difference.
  • Find my focus. Change my habits. Cut back on distractions and be clear on mini-objectives of larger goals. See the value in “only” so-many minutes available to tackle a task, and appreciate the progress made no matter how small. Change my mindset. Purposefully, mindfully, with awareness. Replace the words and thoughts that do not serve me with words and thoughts that support, encourage, and lift me up.
  • Make wellness my priority. Bring myself back to the mat. Recenter myself through daily meditation. Remind myself that five minutes is five minutes more than nothing. Accept my circumstances and make them work to my benefit. Change “woe is me” for “I am in charge.” Because I truly am.
  • Dedicate time to studying. Read not only the mandatory reading, but skim through the suggested titles as well. Practice what I learn. Change fear into pure curiosity and ask stupid questions.
  • Let there be a rise in feeling passionate. Change the belief that “doing” fun is keeping me from doing chores. Let there be more music and dance in my life. Let there be poetry. Let there be writing and reading. Let there be walking barefooted in a park or by the beach. Let there be more time spent in nature. Let there be giggles and hard laughter, and kids’ belly laughs. Let there be creative flow. Let there be love.
  • Let there be trust. Change thoughts of failure for positive what-ifs. Let there be confidence that every step forward is a win, if not, a lesson learned. Proceed with confidence towards the fulfillment of my plans and make them reality.

I need change badly. Sleep deprivation is definitely to blame for my fatigue and lack of joie de vivre, but living day in and day out experiences that are either unfulfilling or straight out destructive to my soul does not help a bit. Life is short. At times much shorter than we plan. For my wellbeing, and that of my children, for a life of harmony and peace, I choose CHANGE.


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