Christ Is Risen!

I can’t remember the last time I was home (childhood home) for Easter. It’s never been that big of a holiday in our family, not comparable to Christmas anyways. But I do have fond memories of our family’s holiday preparations, my mother and I dying the eggs, the brunch on Easter Sunday at my grandparents’ house just outside of town. Some years we would go to church on the Holy Saturday for the Midnight Office. What was exciting about that was not that we would bring the Holy Light home, it was that we got to wear our new holiday outfits and play outdoors at night. I was a kid. A few years later, a teenager, it was the opportunity to be out at night and experience my childhood crushes magnified under the brash moonlight that made Easter night something to look forward to.

Over the years since I left the ol’ country, I have tried to keep the tradition alive. Last year I used Copiloo and his demanding schedule as an excuse to bail out, but a day or two before the Great Friday I decided I wanted to dye eggs. Because the Orthodox Easter fell well behind the Catholic Easter it was impossible to find egg dye in stores. Luckily my good friend over at mailed me a few dye pills from her stash and I was able to prepare an appropriate Easter basket.

This will be Copiloo’s first Easter that counts (last year around this time he was still coming to terms with the fact that he was out of the womb) and I want it to be nice. We kinda screwed the pooch on the Easter Egg Hunt; both yesterday and today Copiloo woke up on the early side (i.e. 5 am) so he was napping by 10am when the hunt was in motion.

I have the dyed eggs and Easter bunny basket left to redeem myself. So here I am struggling with the egg dying. Advice #1 (and only): if you want colorful eggs for Easter, forget about your organic and eco-friendly approach to life*. I tried ecco-egg coloring kit. Thank God I did not pay the full price for this useless item. I still paid about 700% more than what Paas kit cost me at the neighborhood market.

The eco attempt (the yellow eggs are actually okay; they were supposed to be orange especially since they were sunken in the dye for about 30 minutes):

Eco-eggs colors

The traditional Paas attempt:

Paas colors

I have to admit that I chose the easy way out. I usually do patterns on the eggs, but I just did not have the time (or patience) to deal with it. So my steps included pill in vinegar, add water, make sure eggs are dry and clean, sink them in the dyed water, wait, take them out, wait for them to dry, rub them with some bacon for sheen, and place them in the basket.

Easter Eggs

Had I used the nylons and leaves for patterns, I would have had beautiful eggs like my mom’s:

Mom's Easter Eggs

Finally, here’s the modest Easter Bunny basket Evan will be finding on the steps tomorrow:

Easter basket Christ is Risen!


Truly He is Risen!

 *If you happen to have red onion skins laying around the house, that is the most organic you can go and I know for a fact that it works. I have done it once or twice in the past.


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