Come and Take the Child…

“Come and take the child…” Face buried in the pillow, one hand on an infant climbing the bed rail, or, depending on my luck, poking at my closed eyes, pulling my hair, pinching my nose, “Come and take the child” is the first thing I mutter in the morning. I am blessed to have Hubbyloo who is as hands-on as a father can be, and took it upon himself to cover the early morning shift. Although his interest/patience/availability appears to slowly dwindle, for the most part he is still there to our rescue. And I am grateful. Kudos to the single mothers out there, you all must be supernatural beings. Whether you were born that way, or acquired your unearthly capacities for the hard work parenting entails while on the job, I don’t know, but it fascinates me nonetheless. Kudos to you. You make me look real bad, but no hard feelings.

The problem with my now 8-months old is that he does not sleep.

Sleeping Five Minutes LessHe does not sleep at night, he does not sleep during the day. But yet he does somehow gather the energy to climb walls. Day or night. It could be that the energy he’s sucking out of us fuels his mischievousness… We’ve been drained for quite some time now, yet the needle on his energy meter doesn’t seem to budge, so there goes my theory.

I am happy to be working and I like to joke that Copiloo is the reason I am back at work. Seriously. Can you imagine being up with Copiloo 4-5 times every night and then deal with his energy surges for 10-12 hours during the day? Nah… I’m happy hiding behind this computer at work, dealing with grown-up babies at whom I can yell and even throw objects if my alter-ego so desires. I can go to lunch. I can actually walk over, hand in my pocket, get my food, sit down and savor it. I now can chew my food – not skipping important steps in digestion can work miracles on your body.

Now, you be the judge whether I am joking or not.

It was all roses until recently. The lack of sleep is catching up with me, and it starts to affect a lot of my abilities. When I caught myself throwing my car keys on the table in exasperation that I cannot find my car keys I knew we had a problem… Trying to pay your groceries with your driver’s license might make you appear kookoo, too, whereas you are merely sleep-deprived. The scariest was pushing the gas pedal while the gear was still in Park – the neighbors might think that I’m one badass driver, if they’d only know the truth.

Hubbyloo is no better. Poor Catzeloo was blamed for eating Hubbyloo’s lunch one day; lunch which miraculously found its way into the dish cupboard instead of the microwave oven, only to be found when reaching for a clean plate. And I know of this, cause I saw it happen. Who knows what else is going on there that I’m unawares?

This too shall pass. We will eventually get to the place where we’re all happy and well-rested. I truly believe it. I mean, obviously it shall pass, it’s hard to imagine my teenage son still co-sleeping. The question is: will we be able to keep our sanity while getting there?


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