Copiloo’s 1st Down

I just cannot believe that it has been a year (and a few hours) since I gave birth to an angel. Since that is by far my biggest accomplishment as of yet (and will probably never be surpassed), I wanted to celebrate it in style. And I went big. How big you ask? Well, to put it in perspective, we had 47 guests at our wedding, 61 guests at Copiloo’s first birthday. Granted maybe 20 were kids, I fear I still went a bit overboard.

My son had the fortune (see the air quotation marks) to be born on the Super Bowl weekend.  He will be screwed for life. Competing with Super Bowl for attention on your birthday? You’ll very likely come out the loser, especially as you get older.

As Copiloo is one year old, I planned his birthday party on the early side of the day 11.30am-2 pm followed by a Super Bowl party. Last guests left at 6.30pm. Let’s say the party was a success and everybody had a great time.

I hired an “infant entertainer” – he was ah-mazing! His name is Nick Nate and I booked him through Babonazo. What made him great was his ability to gauge his audience, feel what the kids were into and adjust his performance accordingly. I am still in awe at the ease with which he managed to entertain kids of all ages, ranging from 10 months to 11 years old. They ALL had a blast. The one who was hard to crack though was Copiloo. Seriously, if the action was South, he was facing North. I think just to spite me. Or perhaps the fact that five minutes after he was woken up from his morning nap, a weirdly-dressed guy entered the house, turned on his stereo, and cued all toddlers to play the drum loudly. Yeah, I’d be grumpy, too.

Copiloo's 1st Down Entertainment

Babonazo’s Nick Nate working his magic

While this whole thing was happening in the play area, a caricature artist was drawing faces upstairs. I am still not pleased with my overly-elongated-face caricature, but I must admit he did a great job drawing close to 50 faces in two hours. His name is Christian Zamorano and I booked him through his company Party Faces.

Totally unlike me I have not taken one picture, let alone any social cam vids. I am sooo pissed, it’s beyond belief. Luckily, I had Jodee Debes as the event photographer and from some peeks here and there on her camera, she did a beautiful job. Boonicoo si Boonica are slightly upset with me for not having any videos to show them, so I am now desperately trying to contact all guests to find at least a 16” Instagram video of Copiloo’s party.

Food-wise, abundance. My mother-in-law was, like always, a huuuge help. Drove for six hours to help out with the party; she cooked yummy chili, prepared a cheese and charcuterie plate, and covered the guac for tortilla chips. The nanny covered the Mexican dishes – chicken taquitos, and three different kinds of salsa (including mole, and pico de gallo). Ana, my visiting friend (yes, she’s been with us for so long that she has been mistaken for a family member), made a potato salad. I went to Fresh Brothers to pick up some chicken wings.

If I could turn back time, I would just take some damned pictures and videos with my phone! Man, I totally spaced out on that! BUT, we did have a great time and if Hubbyloo said it, it must be true: I did an A+ job on the party! It has been delicious.

Copiloo's 1st Down with Gifts

Copiloo loved the gifts! Especially the boxes they came in.


2 comments on “Copiloo’s 1st Down

  1. Oh my goodness it was such a great celebration! Sad we missed that yummy looking cake though. My favorite part was the caricatures. We look at them and smile everyday. Thanks for giving us a behind the scenes look at your planning process. Can’t wait for the next one 😉

    • Glad you enjoyed it, Marina! The cake was mainly yummy-looking. It was way too sweet for my taste, but guests did seem to like it. The caricaturist was definitely the main attraction – everybody’s been raving about him. I think the next celebration will consist of the Puffins meeting at the park, what do you think? hehe

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