Day #3 – 14-Day Sugar Detox

Today was a success. If you don’t take into account the fact that I decided to cut the detox a week short. If you are to do a detox like this where you are delivered meals for which you pay close to a fortune, a piece of advice: plan it around social events that you cannot back out of, AND avoid hot summer days. It’s been a struggle resisting the nicely chilled cantaloupe and water melon when outside it’s 90F+.

Food was meh! but edible. I had Apple Pancakes with half a Sausage for breakfast. I could not figure out what the pancakes were made of; they were a bit dry, and the taste reminded me of vegan dishes served at The Spot. For lunch I had a Shrimp Kale and Seaweed Salad,

Shrimp Kale and Seaweed Salad

Shrimp Kale and Seaweed Salad

and for dinner I decided to eat yesterday’s meal – Chicken “Parmesan” with Mungbean Pasta and Veggies, this was in fact the meal that raised the average of today’s dishes. The snacks – Chicken and “Cheese” Enchiladas and Cucumber Mint Soup, were below average.

Just like yesterday, today I munched on a few melon and pineapple cubes. Whoops! It’s hard not to when you feed them to a toddler that does not appreciate their flavor and chilliness and feeds them to the dog.

Looking forward to tomorrow! :)


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