Day #7 of What-Used-To-Be-A-14-Day Sugar Detox

Breakfast - Smoked Salmon Roasted Red Pepper Scramble

Breakfast – Smoked Salmon Roasted Red Pepper Scramble

Half-way through the first week I canceled the second week of meal delivery. For good reasons: on Saturday will go to see Billy Joel at the Bowl and Memorial Weekend will fall right in the middle of that week, so why waste the money? (Untold, yet obvious reason: I can’t do this sh*& right now. I have no will power, at least not the way I used to. Plus, what’s the point? Are those couple of extra inches on my waist worth the trouble?)

Last day was hard as I could not wait for tomorrow, but it was easy as it was the last day. Hehe talking about a confused soul…

Breakfast was yum – Smoked Salmon Roasted Red Pepper Scramble.

Lunch – Pesto Pasta Salad with Ground Beef, was okay but I prefer my salad cold. Dinner – Za’atar Chicken with Orange Couscous, was blah! I nibble some but hardly ate tonight.

I did like the snacks – Sesame Ginger Shrimp and Kale Chips.

To sum it up, I’ve had some good days, I’ve had some bad days. I’ve had some meals that made me happy I could afford the luxury of having healthy meals delivered to my door, I’ve had some meals that made me feel sorry for myself. I still weigh 135lb (135.2 by the last weigh-in) so I lost a mere of… less than 2 lb? Wow! Had I put more … effort into it, and not go on a friggin’ oreo ice-cream binge two-days into the detox, the results may have been different.

I am taking the commitment to take care of myself, treat my body (and soul) with love and care, which for me, for now, translates into a regular exercise regime and (a relatively) healthy food intake. “You are what you eat”, they say. Well, I, for one, cannot only be a boring raw celery stalk. If you know me, you’ll understand the need to sweeten things up with an ice-cream here and there.



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