Early Resolutions

If I was to follow tradition I would wait for another month. But I’m getting antsy, I’m all stressed out and restless, so I need to find my focus sooner rather than later. My mind starts playing tricks on me when I’m bored; that’s not to say that I have lots of free time on my hands, but somehow regardless of working a full-time job, catering to the incessant needs of a needy 9-month old, and co-running a household, I still fall asleep bummed out that I completely wasted the hours I spent awake. In my world, the definition of “boredom” has a lot to do with unproductivity, inefficiency, and lack of meaningful doings.


Club Med Cancun Yucatan, lagoon & sunset

So, here goes my resolutions list for December (this will sound more like a to-do list, and that’s alright; I’ve got Carrot on my a$$ and that does not seem to help, perhaps shouting my chores to the world wide web will increase my accountability):

–          Cook at least twice a week – currently I am cooking 0 times; I’d like to get back on a Paleo diet, and the easy way to do that is to fix your own meals. Deadline: 6 meals cooked by December 31

–          Work out at least three times a week – this can include a 20-minute jog, a bike ride, yoga in the bonus room; I’d love to be able to go to a studio, but with Hubbyloo working long hours and Copiloo’s inconsistent sleeping patterns, it’s impossible for me to leave the house in the evening. And no, early morning is NOT an option. Deadline: I should be able to touch my toes without whimpering by December 14

–          Spend at least two hours a week scrapbooking – my pregnancy journal still awaits the ink, Copiloo’s First-Year book is still blank, heck! our second-wedding album has only a couple of pictures in it… Deadline: I would have completed one of these three projects by December 31

–          Homeless people care packages – I am planning to pack a few dozens of goodies bags and give them to those in need (there’s always someone at the freeway entrance looking for change, food, or even a kind word). Deadline: December 25

–          Hubbyloo’s Christmas present – this will blow his mind, if I finish it in time that is; it’s a DIY and kinda hard to work on it since he’s always at home. Deadline: December 24

–          A Christmas package for the Horga tribe in the ol’ country – I have been collecting stuff since my dad’s birthday in August, I’m hoping I will get around to shipping the box before 2014. Deadline: December 7

The things that I am currently doing that make me happy and give me a sense of satisfaction and reward are:

–          Spending time with Copiloo – although at times I catch myself wishing he’d fall asleep already!, the next second I look at him and feel so lucky that I am able to hold him and give him the love and security he needs; that’s all I need to do; all the chores mentally placed in stand-by vanish instantly: the dishes can wait, Catzeloo will not starve if he gets fed an hour later, this blog post can wait, too, etc, etc.

–          Reading – I have started reading a couple of months ago; I finished Middlesex, and I am now reading The Catcher in the Rye. I try to read every evening for at least 15 minutes, otherwise, whenever I find myself sitting for a few minutes. Ahem!

–          It’s Been Delicious – this blog has really given me a purpose. It is the antidote to the crap dished to me at work. When I write, I completely forget about my professional unhappiness and dissatisfaction. I wish I had more time to dedicate to my passion.

Am I the only one making resolutions before the end of the year?


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