Boyfriend’s Jeans – Fashion Review

Part of the Hubbyloo’s Funnies series:

“Hey, I just bought a cool pair of boyfriend’s jeans,” I shout from the walk-in-closet while I button them up.

“What does that mean?”

“Um… Jeans that belong to a boyfriend. But a gal wears them cause she’s hip. Look!”

He glances at me and kinda raises an eyebrow (hard to tell, cause his eyebrows are always reaching for the top of his head). “You must have a short gay boyfriend.”



Beatle-Mania @The Bowl – A Reminder: All You Need Is Love

Although he needed a bit of prodding, Hubbyloo agreed to a night at the bowl for one of Hollywood Bowl’s series events. Not only did he have some work to take care of, but his expectations of this show were below the levels that usually allow him to gleefully agree to my proposals. We went nevertheless.  Continue reading


11 Finds for the Father in Your Life on Father’s Day

Dude, did you know Father’s Day is upon us? I was totally oblivious to this until this morning when, while not-at-all-desperatly looking for my Lindt milk pralines, I came across the cards isle at CVS. Who would have ever thought that I would have a reason to let go of the fact that Hubbyloo did not get me anything this Mother’s Day? Continue reading


Unboring My Routine

Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.

What is your reaction to the unknown? I like to hang onto the comfort of the known. I frequently tell myself “Why ruin this by trying a different way?” I now realize that I don’t remember myself being any other way. As spontaneous as I was (still am actually – I mean, I was the one who packed a one year old and flew over to Grand Cayman to visit a friend) in terms of activities, travels and entertainment Continue reading


Day #7 of What-Used-To-Be-A-14-Day Sugar Detox

Breakfast - Smoked Salmon Roasted Red Pepper Scramble

Breakfast – Smoked Salmon Roasted Red Pepper Scramble

Half-way through the first week I canceled the second week of meal delivery. For good reasons: on Saturday will go to see Billy Joel at the Bowl and Memorial Weekend will fall right in the middle of that week, so why waste the money? (Untold, yet obvious reason: Continue reading


Day #6 – 14-Day Sugar Detox

It’s become clear that the food delivered for the sugar detox has changed over time. The previous time I used Wholesome2Go for this weight-loss program, I remember (I don’t blame you if you don’t trust my memory, I don’t either… I checked the annotated menu printouts which I kept Continue reading


Day #5 – 14-Day Sugar Detox

It was a so-and-so day. It seems to me that last time I did this detox with Wholesome2Go the food was better. Now… it could be that, OR… it could be that I am not as mentally prepared for a detox this time around as I was last year. Back then I had 17 extra pounds that I needed to rid of, and lots of prenatal clothes to get back into. Continue reading