Fooled Again

How irritating is this? You successfully breastfeed for 13 months, 29 days and some odd hours, and then, out of the blue, while you’re occupied gloating over your awesomeness, mastitis hits you. First day was horrible. The aching breast was the least of my problems. The fever and chills, fatigue and head aches, those did bring me to tears though.

Hubyloo enters bedroom, sees me lying in bed.

“Can I do anything to help you feel better?”

To which I initially say, “No, thanks!”, while shivering away.

A minute or two later, fitting for a girl like me, I change my mind.

“Well, please rub my shoulders and neck for a bit.”

The PUNCHLINE: “But Horga, I have all this stuff to do.”

“So… then why do you ask me how you could help?”

“Good point by you, Horga!”

Door closes. FADE OUT.

Fooled Again

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