Horga Had a Little Lamb…

Horga had a little lamb,

Whoose fleece was white as snow

And everywhere that Horga went

The lamb was sure to go.

Halloween is right around the corner and we are slowly warming up for the big day. If last weekend we decorated the front yard, placed the order for the trick-or-treaters’ tricks (unfortunately for the kids, this witch, with hat, orange hair and all, will be handing out more tricks than treats), and decided on the characters we’ll each be, last night we had our first visit to a pumpkin patch. Copiloo had a blast!

The outing was organized by the facilitator of the parenting class we take at the South Bay Adult School, and we went to Cottone and Sons PCH, in Torrance. It’s a cute small-size pumpkin patch, located right by Del Amo Fashion Mall. Obviously, for us this experience was limited to crawling on the straws, pulling to stand on pumpkins and knocking over pumpkins two times our size. And taking lots of pictures!

For the older crowd, there were plenty of pumpkins to choose from (we’ll do this on Sunday as a family outing with some of Copiloo’s cousins) along with straw bales and corn stalks, there were farm animals to be fed and ponies to be ridden.

There’s no admission fee, you’ll pay only for your pumpkins; you can buy kibbles to feed the animals or tickets to ride a pony; you can have your face painted or wear yourself out in the bounce house. Kids are guaranteed to have a good time!




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