Horga’s Wanna-Do List for 2014

I have failed miserably at my early December resolutions, and as a result I didn’t even bother making a new year’s list. At least I was honest with myself and did not try to fool myself into believing there was a point to having a resolutions list that I would forget about the moment I put the cap on then pen I drafted it with.

One sunny January day (yes, you get to write this when you live is SoCal) I decided to compile a list with things that I would enjoy accomplishing in 2014. Before you give me credit for being so… ingenious, know that I have started a couple of life coaching programs (that’s the extent to which I need help; plus I continue seeing my shrink) and one of the coaching modules was talking about writing up a bucket list. I’m about to list my bucket list items, too, but I wanted to start with shorter-term wanna-do stuff that would be (I’m hoping) not only motivating and inspiring but would act as a reminder of the cool things I dream of doing that are not that hard to come by. I tried to outsmart my lazy alter-ego, and I sneaked in some to-do stuff that have been on another list so old that the Smithsonian is curating it at the moment. So here’s Horga’s comprehensive wanna-do list for 2014.

Horga's Wanna-Do List for 2014

Horga’s Wanna-Do List for 2014

What do you think? Will any of these items get checked off? You may now place your bets.


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