Let’s Fake It

A friend of mine got herself into a situation which led to the need to present herself with her husband at a cocktail party. She is single. Not even dating. This whole story deserves its own post, but I am not sure how happy she’d be with me collecting all the laurels for an adventure that she had to endure. Anywho, this is Hubbyloo and I while getting ready (she had us as guests to the event).

“Remember we have the party tonight with My Good Friend and her fake husband. What time should we leave?”, I ask wanting to make sure we’ll be there on time (being on time is my life-long goal, I struggle greatly with this task…)

Quite common in our communication, Hubbyloo decides to ignore my question and cracks a joke instead. “Let me know when she is having the fake birth of her fake child.”

“So… um… What time should we leave again? You haven’t answered  my question cause you were busy talking nonsense.”

“Well, I was busy having a conversation at your level.”



2 comments on “Let’s Fake It

    • It actually was. And great reminder, thanks, as I am now in the process of updating my editorial calendar. (I sound so… professional, like I really know what the heck I’m doing with this blog… *shaking head*)

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