Mar 3, 2016 | Good Friends

3/3 I am, today and always, grateful for good friends. @mindfulmemorykeeping stopped by today for a couple of hours which she probably hoped to use for… relaxation. She left saying "We were so productive!" And we were; thanks to her kindness and generosity and genuine interest in helping out. My new website is in the works and she helped me to sort out some fundamental elements of this project. Thank you! I hope some day soon we can be just as productive for your benefit. ~~~~~ Think of a time when a friend was there for you. Remember how that made you feel. Practice gratitude for that experience. Perhaps go as far as picking up the phone, actually you have it in your hand, so just call them and thank them for their awesomeness towards you. ~~~~ The picture is indirectly related. It's one of the many synchronicities that have happened lately, yet another sign that I am indeed on a journey of transformation. #truefriend #transformation #ahorgasgratitudejournal

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