Mar 31, 2016 | Marvelous March

3/31 Usually looking back in time to assess a period is quite the exercise for me. I mean, there are days when I don't remember what I had for breakfast, let alone remember what I did or how I felt a week ago. 🙈 However, declaring March a winning month was easy. 🎉 So many good things happened: 💥I found the greatest, most helpful therapist to date (who takes my insurance, too!!) who in a handful of sessions managed to navigate me through just as many breakthroughs; 💥 I have come so far in the grieving process over the unwanted cesarean birth of #falcutza (pictured above); 💥 I have made new commitments in my marriage; 💥 we planned a vacation with my parents this summer;💥I joined a children's books publisher as an independent consultant (so if you'd like in on some reaaalllly cute books, I'm your gal!) and I reached one of my goals for the first month; 💥 I started teaching yoga again and what a blessing this is! And the cherry on top: 💥 TODAY #limbutza (not pictured) was 100% his good ol' self – non-defiant, sweet, helpful, patient, and even asked for vegetables for dinner. Whaaat?! I hope it wasn't a fluke! 🔴 How was your March? Anything you are overly grateful for? Anything you wish you would have dedicated more effort towards? Anything you wish you would have done differently? Taking a few moments to review and assess ourselves and our actions is the first step in creating a better version of ourselves and getting closer to our goals. #lookingback #100happydays #ahorgasgratitudejournal

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