Oh, if nothing else, Hubbyloo is definitely funny.

8am, in the kitchen, myself feeding Copiloo, Hubyloo cleaning the kitchen.

Copiloo starts showing signs of vomiting (he choked, or it could be the accumulation of mucus as he’s been having a runny nose for a couple of days) and sure enough he gags and throws up. I was waving my hand in a seizure-like fashion, frantically asking for a tissue. Hubyllo is handing me a tissue.

“What would I do with this, so flimsy?”

“You asked for a tissue”.

“I meant a napkin,” I say while pointing at the paper towel roll.

He goes, “Paper towel, repeat after me… pa-per to-wel. This is not your ol’ country where everything is a ‘masina’.”

The story here is that we use the word ‘masina’ for a lot of things – a car, a locomotive, pretty much all industrial machines, and quite likely a bunch of other stuff. After a few seconds of thinking this through, I had to confess.

“We actually use “servetel” for tissue, napkin AND paper towel.”

Then he concludes: “No wonder you guys don’t have any freeways over there. Time is spent on one trying to understand what everyone else is saying.”


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