Two weeks before my son was born I was heavily involved in setting up his nursery. When I say “heavily involved” I mean doing the lifting, the furniture building and placement. If you had seen me from me behind you would not have been able to tell that I was pregnant. You would have wondered how come such an active bee like me was such a chunky monkey, but you would not have guessed I was pregnant. I was not doing all this because there were no volunteers – Hubbyloo and his mom, who was sweet to visit for a few days to help out with the preparations, were around willing to help, but I had to do it. I had later read about nesting. Humans just like animals, are working hard in preparation for the arrival of the offspring, activity known as nesting. You’re right to frown in wonder as to why was the furniture not built long before my last month of pregnancy. The thing is we kinda decided to move (as in sell a house and move) in December, the season of carols, while I was 8 months pregnant, highly enlarged and generally swollen. We had to load the truck on December 31, and for the first time in my life New Year’s Eve did not mean getting shitfaced and singing Happy Birthday out of tune (yes, my people sing Happy Birthday whenever we celebrate something; trust me this is the least of our problems); I put on my wool sweater dress, tried on a few pairs of boots looking for the ones that would fit my swollen feet and headed over to our favorite sushi joint which miraculously had a table available on a couple of hours’ notice. We unloaded the truck on January 1, no better day for a great new beginning. And what a blessing not to have to deal with a lingering hangover! Now it makes perfect sense why we’d wait so long before setting up the nursery, right?

Looking on the bright side, waiting for so long gave me lots of opportunities to change my mind about the color scheme, furniture style, nursery theme, and dozens of details that few would think of. I think this contributed to the overall satisfaction with the final result. I don’t think I would have done anything else differently. The room looked a-mazing, rocking in the fluffy glider was so cozy, the few toys we had and the children’s books I arranged atop the shelf triggered an overwhelming feeling of impatience and excitement: soon enough, I’d be holding a li’l bug to whom I’d read from those colorful, sturdy board books.

Although for quite some time before I got pregnant and the weeks prior to learning about the sex, I had been conceptualizing a fabulous vintage-feel baby girl nursery, adding cute, unique arts and crafts to my visual board, quite different than the standard white-crib, pink-and-brown palette that one would expect. I was so excited with all the ideas that kept coming! Then on a Thursday morning, I had to listen to the doctor go from “The umbilical cord it’s in the way”, “the baby does not want to show it to us”, to “I think we got a glimpse now” to “Well, I can only give you a 70% certainty on it, do you want to hear it?” (I mean, really? Really?… tell me already) to finally “I believe I see a little something… it’s likely a boy”. There goes my light green-colored walls, grey-wood furniture and all the shabby chic mirror frames and artifacts. I had to change gears, start all over, and before short I ended up with something rather standard in terms of colors – dark blue, yellow and white, but a theme that has a real meaning to us as a family – travel. If it wasn’t for me being a globetrotter, I would have never met Hubbyloo and create this awesome little person for whom we had to build a home.

Without further ado, here it is:


Paint: Behr, blue: Royal Breeze, yellow: Summer Harvest

Window blinds: Levolor, in snow white, custom-sized

Wall decal: Purchased on Etsy from Shannon and Beth

Floating shelves: Crown Molding Shelves, in white, a 2’, and a 3’, Pottery Barn

Eiffel Tower book-ends: bought them white, and spray-painted them yellow, Z Gallery

Crib and dresser: Mason Nursery Collection by Jennifer Delonge for Franklin & Ben

Bedding: Crib fitted sheet, decorative pillow, crib skirt, discontinued, Pottery Barn

Bumpers: Go Mama Go Designs Wonder Bumpers, from Amazon

Twitterling Mobile, Amazon

Glider and ottoman: Braxton Glider and Swivel Chair, pewter soft suede with navy blue piping, from Frank’s Furniture in Lawndale

Side table: discontinued, Pottery Barn

Lamp: Empire State Building, discontinued, Pottery Barn

Shelves unit: Circo 9-cube organizer, Target

Drawer/Storage Box: Dog, Target

CD player: Under –cabinet Sony CD player, from Amazon

Baby journal: Bella Beach Kids, Manhattan Beach

Bus photo frame: Home Decor Center, Rancho Dominguez, CA

Hamper: Wicker Diamond Weave, medium size, Home Decorators

Hangers: Kidorable Wild Animal Hangers, from Amazon

Rug: Citrine Striped Madison Square Rug, 5’ x 7’6”, from Rosenberry Rooms

Vintage-looking boxes/suitcases: Purchased from an antique store in Ojai, CA. However I have later found them at The World Market for much cheaper.

Wall art: Animals, cartoon characters, purchase in Ojai from Kristy van Trease


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