Purpose – One Little Word

A good friend of mine passionate about mindfulness and mindful living, Marina who blogs at Mindful Memory Keeping, introduced me and the rest of our circle of friends to the “one little word” exercise some time at the end of 2014. By choosing one little word you give yourself one constant in your routine that you can always turn to for inspiration, motivation, to (re)focus, regain lost perspective, or simply to remind yourself of the path you’re on.

By the beginning of last year I had found my little word – purpose. Not knowing where I was headed, and lacking any sort of understanding of where my passion and interests laid, I needed help to focus on finding that one thing that I was good at and would love doing – I needed help to find my purpose. Two months later I was certified as a yoga instructor, and as I entered the world of teaching yoga, particularly during the first couple of months while I was pitching my services to retirement homes and senior centers, I would always glance over to my little word stickers around the house, and take a moment to recenter and remind myself of the journey I was on.

At the start of summer I learned that I was pregnant with my second munchkin. The joy was short-lived, because all sort of pregnancy symptoms set in which made it real hard, and at times impossible, to keep my focus on the yoga teaching. Resistant as I was, one day as I was feeling particularly disappointed that I had to halt my professional growth and cancel a few classes, I stared at the word glued to the corner of my bathroom mirror. I saw myself through the openings between the letters, and all of a sudden it became clear that although I may have embarked on a different journey, my word was as powerful as ever and continued to serve me. My new purpose was to nurture that little being growing inside of me, and if that required bed rest, self-care and self-love, then that’s what I would be woking on.

On an unusually cold December morning (unusual for California standards), baby O was born. Right there and then, I was again a mother. There’s no more meaningful purpose than that.

Have you ever used one little word to guide you on your journey? What is your word for 2016? On Monday I will share my choice of word for the new year. Hint: it has to do with openness, acceptance, and challenges.


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