Seven Reasons to Embrace Fall

They say it’s fall. Hard to believe, but indeed the calendar does not lie, we’re well into October now. I’ve only started liking fall over the past few years. Before that, having lived in countries with a four-season climate and a mini-country with one loooooong rainy season interrupted by three sunny summer days (yes, I am talking about the Netherlands), I hated fall. I’m pretty much black or white when it comes to weather: you’re either all clear-skied and hot sun-rayed, or you’re overcast but you make sure there’s snow coming down from those clouds.

Here I am now, California Dreamin’ in a little beach town surrounded by the evergreen palm trees. I find myself missing fall. If you’re struggling with tolerating this confused season, here are a bunch of reasons why you should embrace it and enjoy it.


What I miss the most are the colors. Summer is dandy and all, but, compared to autumn, it seems like a black and white production (granted the dual-color scheme is green and blue). Fall on the other hand, is like a ’70s disco color explosion. The beauty of nature, you know… even on its dying bed it takes the time to put on a show for us. The rusty greens, the maroons, the reds, the yellows and all the fiery hues and tones in between. The sweet rustle of leaves as the wind makes its way underneath them. The mesmerizing ripples across a lake that mirrors fleeting moments of a colorful paradise. If you are blessed to live in the middle of nature, or are close enough to pay a visit to a meadow, forest, mountain, enjoy the amazing display of changing colors.

Fall Colors

Photo Credit: Jacquelyn Pietz

#2. RAIN

I feel a bit nostalgic reminiscing about those wet evenings when I’d drive down a busy street, hypnotized by the playful reflection of traffic and store lights on the blackened asphalt. Oh, and that peculiar smell of dust after rain (which is actually called petrichor1 – did you know that? Your tid-bit of trivia for today.). Mind you, all this nostalgic depiction is borderline fictional. I remember clearly, as it was yesterday, the dread I would feel on rainy days when I’d have to hop on my rusty bike, ride across a Frankenweenie-colored Amsterdam to get to school or work or to Cantinero for my zouk nights; the curses I’d offer the skies when my freshly blow-dried hair would frizz up the moment I touched the door knob of the front door. Those were the days. I miss ’em. Nah! Just kiddin’!

Rain at night

Photo Credit: Canadian Bald Guy


This may sound like false pretense, but I miss that kind of weather that has me open the sweaters closet, and reach for my knee-high boots up on the top shoe rack. (They’re high up there as fine exhibition pieces, in remembrance of my past life.) I am not asking for a full-on three-month long fall, just a day or two when I could get my warm clothing fix. It would also help me to accept the UGGs madness out there, temps in high 60s F, rain or snow are the weather conditions that warrant one to wear wool boots. 80s F, clear sky and sunny, and you’re wearing a bikini top, shorts and wool boots? Dude…


What are you to do on a rainy day once you’re done watching the rain wash your driveway, or flood your neighborhood if that’s what was in the cards for you? It’s time to get cranking on those long-forgotten projects, organize your house, declutter, catch up on your favorite show, read the stack of books on your nightstand. Have some of the friends that you’ve been ignoring over for coffee or a hot mug of red wine.


It’s impossible to miss all the pumpkins, squashes and melons at the market. Pick some up. Puree that butternut squash, sprinkle some nutmeg over it and serve the yummy soup to your family. It’s time to get the baking pans out – pumpkin pies, apple pies, whatever-your-craving pies. Dust the cans and jars and pickle some veggies and concoct some jams and marmalades. Care for some hot cocoa with cinnamon? I thought so…


While you’re busy decluttering, try to look for that list you made on January 1. It’s covered in doodles, balloons and fireworks, stars and hearts, and it has “My Resolutions for 2014” at the top of the page, very likely in all caps and highlighted. If I were to guess, it’s well kept at the bottom of the deepest drawer in your house. Were you intending to be kinder and more loving towards your loved ones? Were you planning to cook regularly for your hard-working partner? Were you excited to start a new course, a new hobby, a new side job? Guess what? You’ve still got a few months to pull that off (and so do I…). Only fall could offer you this second chance to let your productive self shine.


Christmas and a dog

Catzeloo by Gran’ma and Gran’pa’s Christmas tree

I’m skipping Halloween altogether, although it is a fun holiday especially if you’ve got little monsters hiding in your house. Christmas is by far my favorite holiday and I cannot wait for December 1st to come. If it were up to me I’d put the Christmas tree up yesterday. And I’d take it down in March. Luckily, I have Hubbyloo to keep me in check. Two months ’till Christmas. How are we doing on the holiday cards? Have the family pictures been taken? Vacation plans made for December? If it’s a staycation, what will the kids do all those days? Plans to host a dinner or family get-together? What about gifts for family and friends?

Fall… We may have a love-hate relationship with you – can you blame us? – it wouldn’t hurt if we’d start seeing opportunities in all your shortcomings. Think cold, windy, rainy days, as favorable time to focus our energy on completing tasks that summer past got in the way of, also the perfect time to lean back, relax and look forward to the holiday season. Scrapbooking, anyone?



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  1. I love, love, love fall food, so right now I am eating my weight in butternut squash, sweet potatoes, and the like!

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