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Since the baby, 80% of the shopping has been done online. It started with items for the nursery, pregnancy and maternity items, then the layette and baby stuff, and more baby stuff. For months we would get at least a couple of packages a week – I do not kid you. At one point, Hubbyloo felt the need to step in and suggest I stopped “buying stuff”. Luckily the couple of times he interfered in this highly entertaining and rewarding activity of mine, I had purchased things that were in fact practical and much needed so my strong arguments won me the case. It is true though, that adding virtual items to a virtual cart that never fills up to the point when it’s hard to push does not help the household economy. Not having a teller verbalize the amount you spend does not help much either; it’s so easy to overlook the total owed and click the “complete order” button over and over and over again. For God’s sake, I once sneezed and completed an order!

Anyway, I digress. Again. You would imagine that in writing I would be less chatty, but the inconvenience of typing does not seem to be a deterrent.

A couple of days ago I expanded my pool of online orders: for the first time I ordered food stuff online. I have heard about Amazon Fresh and other services that deliver fresh produce and other fridge and pantry items, but found it weird to shop for groceries online. I mean, missing out on hopping between aisle 3 and aisle 14 an uncountable number of times? Nah. I enjoy that. But then, someone told me about a great offer on Bob’s Red Mill products that I could not resist. So off I went wallet-in-hand, turned on the computer, set down, scrolled through the well-stocked virtual aisles, punched in some 16 numbers and clicked on a button. Voila! This morning I woke up and found a box full of goodies. Mainly grain stuff. I am a bit conflicted and it shows. I’ve been trying to adopt a paleo lifestyle, yet I order pounds and pounds of flours and meals. I guess I am sad to let go. In my attempt to hold tight onto my carb intake I even started baking again – I baked a coffee cake one morning (for a very altruistic reason), and I made bread over the weekend. How awesome is that? Threaten me with taking my toy away, and it will suddenly become my favorite!

I bought flour to last me a lifetime: unbromated unbleached white flour, whole wheat flour, whole grain corn flour (lots of eat cause I miss “mamaliga” – polenta for English speakers), pumpernickel dark rye meal and wheat bran to add to my rustic breads, whole grain flaxseed and almond meal for my paleo ego, so she doesn’t get all flustered. What I loved the most was that it cost so much less than in store plus I had a coupon for $10 off. I love savings via coupons just as much as I love shopping!

Bob's Red Mill Flours and Meals

I look forward to the weekend. I’ll be making bread and baking some pumpkin yumminess to delight our Sunday visitors. Isn’t it an awesome feeling when you have great plans and are confident they will work out?


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