The Magic within You

“Grass doesn’t try to grow, it just grows. Fish don’t try to swim, they just swim. Birds don’t try to fly, they fly.” | D. Chopra |


How amazing is this? Think about it. Can you imagine all the energy required to grow as grass? Can you imagine the strength, perseverance and determination to swim upstream as salmon? Can you imagine the fear of opening up your wings and darting upward towards the skies as eagle? Now… do you think the grass sits there in its seed-form imagining itself growing but not feeling inspired that day? Do you think the salmon, pausing under a rock, imagines itself swimming upstream to lay eggs but doesn’t feel motivated that day and decides to nap instead? Do you think the eagle, looking around from the top of the tree he’s resting on, imagines itself flying but succumbs to cowardice and chooses to clumsily climb down the tree and walk in search of food instead?

Salmon Swimming upstream

No. They do not. Because they were born to do those things. They do not know any other way. Nobody has ever told grass that it cannot grow. Nobody has ever bullied the salmon into believing it cannot swim upstream. Nobody has ever belittled the eagle to the point where his wings locked shut.

So, tell me, who is to say that you cannot be as amazing as these elements of nature? Who is to say that you cannot grow as green and as tall as the grass reaching towards the nourishing sun? Who is to say that you cannot swim upstream against the rough currents that life is, and against all the rocks and debris that it brings along at times? Who is to say that you cannot open your wings and fly up high, right there where the sun and the moon and the stars make magic happen?

Eagle Soaring

Trust that your magic is within you. You were born with it. The same way that Grass, Salmon and Eagle were born with their magic. Let the scales of fear, judgment, critiques, underserving feelings, all dry out and fall off your heart. Find your heart again. Peek in there and see the magic. Lock eyes and never look away.

You are all you need to make anything and everything happen.


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