Tour Through Blogland – Meet Two of My Favorite Bloggers

Tour Through Blogland

Last week I was invited to be part of a Blog Hop, another fun way of introducing you to a couple of bloggers I follow, and sharing a few bits of information about what I’m up to. Erica who blogs at Shots and Socks is one of the first bloggers that I have been in touch with and collaborating. You know what I found fascinating about her and her blog during my first visit? She uses the same theme! How random is that?? Just like me, she also blogs about a range of stuff – places she’s visited, food experiences, and lots of DIY arts and crafts type project. One that I love and would go wonderfully on the table up on the rooftop is her Bottles With Swag. Cool, isn’t it?

Shots and SocksBelow are the questions that need to be answered part of this Blog Hop. You gotta read the answers if you want to make it to the section where I introduce you to two new awesome blogs. Ok, fine, you can just scroll down, whatever you do, do not leave the page without meeting Pamela and Jess.

What am I working on?

I am hard at work on becoming the bestest and happiest person I could be. Since I quit my job a few months back, and wrapped up my last vacation a few weeks ago, I’ve been investing a lot of time into me – I started my yoga journey, I bought a sewing machine, I’ve been organizing for a few days a huuuge armoire filled with scrapbooking stuff, I’ve been dedicated to improving this blog and getting the word out there about its existence, I’ve been committed to becoming a better spouse and continuing to be an awesome mommy. Lots of work, an ongoing process.

How does my work differ from others of this genre?

I guess in short I could say it doesn’t. But then, also in short, I can say it’s a world of difference between my blog and others’ blogs of the same kind. We are each revealing our own personal inner and outer worlds; two people can go to a Beatles Tribute concert and subsequently write about it, and you’ll have two different accounts of what transpired there. We are each writing in our unique voices, some more loudly and buoyantly, other less so. We are each taught lessons every day and when the time comes for us to teach others, we each have our own individual styles. I see myself as the cool teacher, loved by all her pupils. In this vision, I’m also hot and glasses frame my face in an extraordinary fashion!

Why do I write/create what I do?

You know… unfortunately after a tour around It’s Been Delicious you won’t be able to tell that what I intended it to be was a source of information for mommies-to-be and new mommies. That’s because I suffer from device-induced ADD (as diagnosed by Hubbyloo), and I am a huuuge procrastinator. What I have originally envisioned and still hang onto, requires a bit more commitment, time and effort and I am slowly getting there, but have not made it yet. For now though, I write what I write because I enjoy it. I talk about trivial things going on in my life, some of more substance, some meant to inspire the way I have been inspired, others mere chit-chat with myself. :)

How does your writing/creative process work?

I am not sure it does. So far I have been disorganized, I don’t have a time frame set aside for blogging, I do not have any deadlines, I do not have much of a plan, which hurts my writing process. I am working on an editorial line-up which should give me an idea of where I am headed, mentally prepare myself for what I will have to write, while at the same time leaving room for spontaneous brain farts that, God willing, will be worth publishing.

Good job at either reading or scrolling through my answers… Now, ta-dah! I introduce you to…


Pamela, The Trophy Wife in Training. From what I understand she still has a ways to go before certification, but she’s working hard at it. The words below are hers. So is the picture.

Trophy Wife

This blog is a little bit sarcastic, a little bit serious, and a lot of humor. The author refers to herself as the TWIT. She is a fashion designer from the surf industry, turned stay at home mom. A free spirited rebel who grew up on the wrong side of the tracks, living in upscale super suburbanville. She has a good sense of humor about being a domestic misfit, and she hopes you will too.

It is a blog where you can come to laugh, cry, and enjoy the ironies and beauties of life. As you read, you will feel like you are sitting around talking to your girlfriends. There are stories of The TWIT repeatedly putting her foot in her mouth to unsuspecting victims, fashion posts, under her breath jokes, witty open letters, brutally honest trend reports, and the occasional warm fuzzy parenting post just to keep things interesting.

So come on over and have a bottled soda and a laugh. Please wipe your feet, don’t judge the dishes in the sink, and don’t mind the toddler who just spit on your shoes. We’re working on it.

Jess, from Jess Loves This Life. She blogs about everything. Although it was a difficult moment in her life that caused her to turn to blogging, she’s doing an amazing job at sharing positivity and joy in each and every post.

Jess Loves Life

Jess Loves This Life is a lifestyle blog focused on positivity and creativity. Be it a recipe, DIY, or a simple date night, I strive to do blog things that overall bring joy and fun into my life. My blog is a project and reminder for myself to focus on the beautiful and creative parts of life, be it big or small.


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