Trick or Treat, Smell My Sheepy Feet!

Our li’l lamb went trick-or-treating today. How awesome is that for a 9-month old? Don’t be concerned, I will not introduce him to sugary yumminess; I am unfortunately still indulging myself in my own addiction, therefore, selfishly, I want the Hershey’s bars and Reese’s aaaaallll for myself.

Halloween with the Seniors

This morning we visited Belmont Village Senior Living out in Rancho Palos Verdes; the Activity Director of the facility put together a small event to entertain the seniors on Halloween. It was a beautiful experience interacting with the elderly; it was wonderful seeing them smile big smiles when I would bring Copiloo before them pushing forth  the Halloween bucket, and each one attempting to make a dazed baby smile. At the same time the visit was a bit overwhelming for me as aging is a life fact that starts giving me some trouble, not because of a fear that I myself am getting older, but because those around me are, and getting used to seeing those dear to me become more and more limited in their abilities seems an insurmountable feat. Let’s get back to happy thoughts! Ahem!

Seeing those gran’mas and gran’pas giggle and interject “ooohhs” and “aaahhs” when I put the li’l lamb on the floor and he started cruising around at high speeds was heartwarming. It’s so gratifying making others happy, why don’t we do more of it I wonder? They are very lucky to be in the care of such thoughtful people, who think past the basic needs and try to provide the residents with delightful and pleasurable events and activities.

This must have been a rehearsed and well-prepared event. There were quite a few impressive costumes, from scary to funny and some in between; there was this group of pirates that loved Copiloo and poured candy into his bucket. The seniors also sang a couple of songs towards the end of our visit. Everybody had such a great time. The toddlers seemed to love it, too – I am pretty sure they were keeping accurate counts of the treats hitting their buckets…

I am ready to sign up for other events like this. With Thanksgiving and Christmas around the corner I am sure there will be plenty of chances for us all to contribute a fraction of our time and attention to brightening someone’s day. Will you look for an opportunity to do that?

Happy Halloween? For us, it’s been delicious!


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