Unboring My Routine

Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.

What is your reaction to the unknown? I like to hang onto the comfort of the known. I frequently tell myself “Why ruin this by trying a different way?” I now realize that I don’t remember myself being any other way. As spontaneous as I was (still am actually – I mean, I was the one who packed a one year old and flew over to Grand Cayman to visit a friend) in terms of activities, travels and entertainment, I’ve always liked to take the same route to school or work, I’ve always eaten at the places I was familiar with, for years I went to the same spa although their service had deteriorated over time, and I did not change my sports club in spite of its frequent ridiculous membership fee hikes.

Yesterday I tried a new food place that I came across while shopping for some sports gear. A very low key, Italian gelateria that served European crepes and paninis, run by a Korean family. I was in much doubt that was a brilliant idea, but I was pleasantly surprised how delicious my Tuscan Chicken Panini turned out to be. Let alone the mocha gelato I had on my way out!

I’m entering a new challenge: once a week I will try a new thing. Even if it is going down 4th St to the beach, as opposed to 2nd St as I always do. One day maybe I will walk past 16th St, or maybe turn before reaching it. (OCD much?…) I’ve been using the same bread recipe for years; how ’bout I spice things up and try a new one? There are so many restaurants around here, yet every weekend I go down to Uncle Stavros’ for my Chicken Gyro. I joined a couple of yoga studios and I seem to only go to the classes taught by the the teachers who lead the first classes I’ve attended. Could I possibly be failing to experience beautiful teachings of a great yogi only because I settle with what I know? Is it possible I am missing out on amazing food and social encounters in this cute little beach town only because I trap myself into my comfort zone? Quite likely. How crazy is that?

Change is in order. I’ll keep you updated.