Yoga at Work

We used to be hunters and gatherers. Eons ago we were required to move a lot and relied heavily on our physical bodies for sustenance. A boar would not lay itself willingly by the campfire for roasting. Nor would berries hop-skip merrily down the trail to the rock table.

Hunters Gatherers

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Nowadays, we’re mostly tied to a chair for 9+ hours a day, and we may even skip the trip to the market in favor of a meal delivery. I mean… wow! Talk about sedentary!

To maintain or regain mobility, flexibility and even some strength in your body, make time for a 10-min stretching routine a couple of times a day. Your body and your mind will thank you. You will then thank me!

IF we get past the hump of meh-I-don’t-feel-like-it, we’re likely to face another demotivating blow – the familiarity of the routine. Routine is boring. The lack of variety, surprise and challenge is often times reason enough to distance ourselves from that which no longer entertains us. Use the yoga poses chart I drafted to create a different yoga-at-work sequence each time you’re ready to stretch.  Mix and match one or more poses from each category for an inspiring and challenging variety! Check out the next pages for pose instructions, benefits, and a downloadable leaflet.

Yoga at work

Easy Yoga Poses for Arms and Back

Yoga at work

Easy Yoga Poses for Legs and Mind


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